Our FAQ, the Most-Frequently Asked Questions by our Customers

Here are some of the questions that our users most frequently ask.

For convenience, we have divided them into 7 groups, according to the subject.

The most frequent requests by far are those relating to prices plus taxes, to making a hotel reservation, how to confirm, amend or cancel a reservation, to the method of payment and to refunds.

If you have a question that you do not find on our list, contact us without obligation to obtain an answer:  we will be happy to help you.
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Are the taxes included in the reservation price?

Yes, the taxes are included in the total price that is indicated on our reservation system.  We do not add any supplementary costs, and so you can be sure that the price you see is the price you will pay.

Please note:  local taxes are excluded, for example the city tax,  that we are unable to assess in advance.

Are the prices per person or per room?

The prices published on our site show the cost of the room for the duration of the visit.

Is breakfast included in the price of the room?

It depends on the hotel’s offer.  Under the type of room, it is indicated whether or not breakfast is included, if it is bed only, or half board.

For the "Book Now, Pay at the Hotel" offers, it is possible to establish if breakfast is included in the Summary Page that you see before confirming the reservation.

Why have the prices changed since the last time I looked?

The prices are quoted in the currency requested, and these are subject to market fluctuations, therefore they can change daily with the exchange rate. 
Also, the hoteliers continually change their prices according to the availability of their hotel.

Why are the prices of HotelsClick lower than the prices shown on the hotel sites?

Hotelsclick operates as a wholesale seller, i.e. a large number of rooms are contracted to us in each hotel.  Because we pay for these rooms in advance, the hotel sells to us at a lower price, therefore our saving becomes our clients’ saving.

What does the phrase "rates are not valid for...." mean?

If you find the phrase "rates are not valid for..." on the Reservation Page, before the form where you insert your details, it means that the tariff indicated is not applicable for every market.  Check that your country is not mentioned, otherwise we shall be forced to offer a different price (generally higher), or to cancel the reservation, only debiting you for the administration fee. 

How can I take advantage of a discount?

Insert the discount in the "Promotional code" field that you find in the Search Box of our Home Page.

Please note:  discounts are not valid for the "Book Now, Pay at the Hotel" offers.  So, to take advantage of them, you need to select a hotel that does not adhere to this policy.