The conditions stated below refer to all reservations made through the reservation website HotelsClick SRL. The customer must accept these terms and conditions before making a reservation. All bookings confirmed or requested will be regarded as an offer to purchase the hotel booking services of HotelsClick SRL and are subject to the following conditions.
  • The booking has been confirmed by HotelsClick via email and a voucher and booking number have been sent on our part.
  • HotelsClick has received payment for the reservation.
It is important to take the hotel voucher with you to the hotel. This is proof of your purchase and without the voucher you may be turned away.

Once a customer has made a booking it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they have the confirmation and voucher. HotelsClick uses an automated email service and therefore, if no confirmation letter or voucher is received, it is customers responsibility to contact HotelsClick via email ( or telephone so contact us immediately so we can reissue your documents, via email, fax or post. HotelsClick will not be liable for the customers full email box, or mistyped email address.

Payment in full for the booking must be received by credit card or debit card through the HotelsClick website. The currency used for payment is the one selected by the customer upon booking.

In the event that HotelsClick is not able to guarantee the availability of the hotel (due to fire, flood, acts of terrorism), for reasons beyond the control of HotelsClick, it will offer another hotel of the same or a higher quality. The details of such proposed accommodation will be communicated to the customer via e-mail and/or telephone. If the customer chooses to or does not put themselves in contact with Hotels Click, we will consider the alternative as accepted.
We recommend purchasing a personal travel insurance which covers travel casualties e.g. lost luggage, cancellations, medical insurance, etc.

All customers must be aged 18 or over. Be advised Check In at Las Vegas Hotels is 21 or over.

The credit card details of our customers can not be intercepted, shared or even viewed by HotelsClick staff. The credit card details pass via SSL technology directly via the bank, attaching a reference number for our use. HotelsClick takes credit card fraud very seriously, so all our customers must provide their "verified by visa" or "secure mastercode" password in order to make a booking.
he customers personal data will not be stored, shared or used in any other way except pertaining to their hotel reservation in accordance with the the law passed on personal data - D:L.vo 196/2003. HotelsClick has a whole section of our website dedicated to information about your personal data, you can view it by clicking here.


HotelsClick issues a cancellation deadline with every booking. This deadline is generally 5 days before arrival but may change depending on the hotel or the duration of the stay. The deadline is clearly displayed before booking and also on the booking confirmation (and is therefore enforced).
Our policies and procedures differ from those applied from hotels to direct customers due to the fact that we have contractual duties with the hotel.
The cancellation deadline expires at 18:00 hours of the established day.

A. On request reservations / Awaiting Confirmation:
All on request reservations that have never been confirmed can be cancelled or modified and are not subject to any penalty fee while in this status.

B. Confirmed Reservations:
HotelsClick issues a cancellation deadline with every booking that is generally 5 days before arrival date but it may change depending on the hotel and the length of the stay. The deadline is clearly displayed before booking and also on the booking confirmation (and is therefore enforced). The cancellation deadline expires at 18:00 hours of the established day.
Cancelling before the deadline:
If you cancel your hotel reservation before the deadline you will be subject to an administration fee per room. The administration fee is EUR 25,00 or based on the exchange rate at the currency chosen.
Cancelling after the deadline
If you cancel the reservation after the deadline is passed your booking will be subject to the first nights charge on every room pertaining to that booking.
Cancelling within a fair period/special event
If you cancel your booking within a fair period you may be subject to 100% of the cost of the reservation. A fair period is an event that packs the city like the Munich Beer Festival or Paris or Milan fashion weeks. Whatever modification or change coincides with a special event will be considered a cancellation and will incur in full charge.

C. If the customer leaves the hotel before the established date , the reservation:
will not be canceled and therefore the full amount will need to be paid.

D. No Show:
In case of a "No show" or non-arrival at the hotel by 8 am of the following day on the established arrival date, if no communication was made to Hotels Click by email, the reservation will be cancelled and the amount paid, will not be reimbursed unless the hotel decides to apply less restrictive conditions. Any No show notification must be sent exclusively by email at: within 12:00 pm of the arrival day.

Cancellation before the specified deadline, for confirmed bookings needs to be done from our website www.hotelsclick.comby clicking on the link "Reservation Tray" located in the hupper half of the homepage and entering the email address entered while making the reservation along with the reservation number or the password provided in the registration email. If you choose to send an email asking for cancellation, please send it to referring to the reservation number and indicating that you want to cancel. It is the sole responsibility of the client to assure that the cancellation email is received by HotelsClick. All cancellations after the deadline must be received in writing and sent to To cancel a reservation that is on request and has never been confirmed, customers has to choice of either sending an email to or contacting our offices.

Any changes requested by the customer must be sent via email to It is the sole responsibility of the client to assure that the cancellation email is received by HotelsClick.


Within Europe, breakfast is usually provided with the cost of the reservation. Depending on the visiting country, this can be Continental, English, Irish or Scottish breakfast. If breakfast is not included it will be made clear upon the hotel details on the website.

Outside of Europe, breakfast is usually not included. There are exceptions to this rule, and once again, the information will be clearly set out on the hotel details of the website.


For the terms of this website, a child is considered a "child" if they are under 12 years old on the date of arrival at your hotel.

Discounts for children are sometimes given but they will be included on the price displayed on the website. There will be no further discounts for children on the price displayed.

Adults requiring a cot can obtain one at no charge from the hotel.

Breakfast will need to be paid directly to the hotel.


Payment must be made, in full, at the time of the booking with a valid credit or debit card.

If the hotel chosen was shown as "book now" then the credit card details are taken and charged immediately and the booking is complete. If the hotel chosen was shown as "on request" then the credit card details are taken and authorised, no money is taken unless
If the hotel chosen was shown as "on request" then the credit card details are taken and authorised, no money is taken unless
a) The hotel is available and so the booking is made or
b) The customer agrees to an alternative we have offered.

If neither of the above conditions are met then the card authorisation is halted. No money is ever taken from your card unless a booking has been made.


HotelsClick has brought together 40,000 hotels enabling them to be booked online. These hotels go by an international standard category star rating.

1 Star Hotel * A one star hotel is a hostel of budget quality. You may experience shared bathroom facilities, and food choices will be limited.
2 Star Hotel ** A small to medium sized hotel that offer a few more services and are likely to be en-suite.
3 Star Hotel *** The services are improving again, hotel may have a restaurant and bar, the rooms will be ensuite and some may offer room service.
4 Star Hotel **** Hotels in this category will have larger public areas, services like Pay TV and Wifi, the rooms will be larger and services like fitness centers and express check out may be offered.
5 Star Hotel ***** These hotels offer luxurious and comfortable accommodation. These are top of the range hotels where the service will be 1st class and attention to detail is made. Free newspapers, toiletries, complimentary drinks may also be offered.

Within the hotels different room types are offered:

Twin room:two single beds
Double room:one double bed
Single room:one single bed
Triple room:three single beds or one double bed plus one single bed or two double beds. Most hotels do not have triple rooms with three double beds - one of the beds can consist of a sofa bed
Double room sole use:two single beds or one double bed
Quadruple room:two double beds or 4 single beds. Family rooms can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children up to 12 years old.
Double room plus cot or extra bed:One double bed plus a cot for a child younger than 2 years of age or an extra bed for a person aged 2-12.

Any kind of special request related to the room (accommodation with disable facilities, smoking/non smoking room etc..) need to sent by email to
Any expenses incurred at the hotel, PAY TV, MiniBar, Room Service etc are the costs to the customer and not the responsibility of HotelsClick.

HotelsClick does not recommend any particular property but tries to present up-to-date information in order to help the customer to make an informed choice. While we try to keep this information up to date, HotelsClick will not be liable for any misrepresentation in the hotel information. This information is subject to change at any time without any written notice.


If you have a complaint about HotelsClick we suggest to send an email to

If you have a complaint about the Hotel we strongly recommend that you try and resolve the issue at the hotel with the hotel management so something can be done. If the matter can not be resolved with the hotel, please contact us as soon as possible and we will take the matter up with the hotel.

We advise you not to wait until you come back from your visit to contact us about a complaint but rather to contact us while you are "in country" for we are in a stronger position to help you. However if you wish to complain after your stay you must email us within 10 days of your departure from the hotel.

HotelsClick will only take responsibility for the damages to the customer due to partial or total lack of the contractual duties, unless it is proved that the event was caused directly, or indirectly by circumstances not contingent on the company's will, that is , circumstances that HotelsClick could not foresee or avoid. Such circumstances can be for example, hazard, violent acts, terrorist acts, disorders, revolutions, public authority actions towards the hotel chosen, fire, floods, thunder striking, explosions, fog, interruption of services such as water, electricity, gas or telecommunication, strikes, embargoes, wars, boycotting.

HotelsClick is held responsible for damages caused by its personnel, suppliers and agents except when death, illness or physical damages are involved.

Bearing in mind the terms stated, the reimbursement due by HotelsClick for the damages caused will not be over the amount of EUR 2000, that is the reimbursement amount set by the International Convention. In no case is HotelsClick responsibility limited in case of death or heavy personal injures caused directly by HotelsClick.

HotelsClick reserve the right to modify the contractual clauses at any given time

The customer's reservation is subject to Italian law and all controversies involving the reservation will be the exclusive competence of the Court of Rome. The booking confirmation together with all of the clauses above constitute the contract between HotelsClick and their customer.

All conditions are considered applicable to all reservations made by HotelsClick through its on-line system.

For any information please contact